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Welcome to Resident Evil


We're really not that evil.  Maybe just a little bit, now and then, on special occasions.  But mostly we've given it up...

We are a Guild founded by a group of friends who all used to be in other good Raiding Guilds on the realm. Most of us have been playing Wow for a long time and have experience in many aspects of the game. Our aim is to explore end-game content and to raid several times a week but also have fun with it. We do not allow elitist behaviour, impatience and rudeness which seems to be common practice with most other serious PVE Guilds. In fact this is one of the key reasons why this guild was founded. 


We like to have fun and to laugh. We encourage social members and levellers to join our ranks to both grow with us and to join our fun community. So what are you waiting for ?  Whether you are a Raider, Social gamer or you are new and levelling, come and join us. Come and see the exciting side of Wow.  Just whisper one of our officers online. Raiding applications strictly via website only please. Resident Evil are currently recruiting for Team 2. See you in game.
Alice xxx

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